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Branding: Whisbi

The challenge:

Increase engagement, create leads, and even convert potential leads into sales using online advertisement. The aim in this project was to develop an infinite number of ad versions and forms (from static image, to carrousel and video ads).

My Role:

As a Design Leat at Whisbi, I have always played a key role in overseeing and maintaining brand consistency across all brand communications and platforms. To succeed in this advertisement challenge I have designed an infinite number of ads to be displayed across social media platforms.

Project Owners:

Graphic Design: Marta Pinto Teixeira
Campaign Manager: Hellen Weber
Copywriting: Marloes van Vliet & Urska Blagojevic


​In this never ending project we wanted not only to generate new leads but also to educate and nurture existing ones. To do so we have generated several ads for our case studies, ebooks, reports, webinars, videos, product features, hiring…


"Creativity, teamwork, critical spirit and innovation."

Beatriz Silva,

Studied with me at ESAD, Porto

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