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Web: Gominga

The challenge:

Redesign the hero section (above the fold) of Gominga. Keeping brand design, tone of voice in mind, but feel free to be creative when it comes to copy, layout, imagery and CTAs.

Primary Goals:

· Conversion optimization

Project Owners:

UI & Web Design: Marta Teixeira


For this design challenge I am presenting 3 design proposals for the hero section of Gominga.
I have chosen this brand because it has a really old looking website with an enormous room for optimisation. Such as:

- improve H1 and h2 copy - making it short and straight to the point (this will help SEO optimisation)
- increase font size for a more modern touch, easier readability and accessibility while creating a sense of professionalism and trust (this will help the user to quickly scan the hero, take action and prevent bouncing rate)
- simplify menu by removing the “HOME” section (this will provide a more friendly navigation)
replace the video with a bold and clean hero image to catch visitors attention (this will help with conversions by making people want to interact the site)
- simplify the “trust sections” removing the title of the section
- make the cta more visible to incentive clicks (this will maximise conversion rates)

This version with a “less is more” design approach brings a simple and modern vibe to the hero section while keeping the brands design and tone of voice.
The main goal with this proposal was to create a hero section that would at the same time be “bold” and “clean” but also fit the existing website look and feel.
I consider this proposal the winner proposal as it is the one that better responds to the briefing. This proposal also stands out because it would allow the brand to make a quick refresh without changing all the website branding.

This version with a “bold and playful” design approach aimed to propose a complete refresh of the website that would evoke a “positive” vibe.
This is a more “risky” approach, thought for a company who would be up for a complete website refresh. Although I see the potential of this proposal and confidently think this would take the branding to the next level, I admit it is an ambitious proposal that wold require more work before going live.
If this would be the selected hero section I would improve the girls picture and select another one that would look less like a stock image (but due to the limit of hours for this exercise I am using this one)

This version with a “serious” design approach was designed having in mind a company that wants to keep a “professional” look and feel with a more conservative design look.
This proposal would be ideal to match the current web without the need of redesigning the rest of the modules. This would work as a quick fix that would require less effort but is also less “bold” and for this reason is not a favourite.
In any case I have decided to present it as it is possibly the hero section that is more similar to the existing one.


"Creativity, teamwork, critical spirit and innovation."

Beatriz Silva,

Studied with me at ESAD, Porto

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