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Branding: México 1984

The challenge:

​In the words of its director Alan Alexis Vaquero "Mexico1984", is a parallelism between the work of George Orwell and current Mexico but also a complaint against the violent events that happen daily in the Aztec nation.

Project Owners:

Graphic Design: Marta Teixeira
Movie Director: Alan Alexis


The movie was based on real events Mx.1984 is one of the most ambitious projects of the production company and its team, which is why they seek to bring it to life and that people know about the artistic work that is carried out from Europe by this international group that seeks with this new film the big festivals.

About the project:
Short film: 20 minutes
Country: Mexico/Spain
Producer: Alan Alexis Vaquero
Production Company: Chingon Films
Year: 2017
Music: Llany Arias/ Fran Villalba
Lyrics: Llany Arias


"Creativity, teamwork, critical spirit and innovation."

Beatriz Silva,

Studied with me at ESAD, Porto

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