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Editorial: Thesis

The challenge:

Document presented to the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, during the Master's cycle in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects, to obtain the Master's degree. Curricular internship report carried out at the Picmedia Graphic Design studio, under the Erasmus + mobility program.

Project Owners:

Marta Pinto


Eduardo Aires, Luíz Taklim and David Dominguez Cobos


In the first moment of this essay, the option of carrying out this curricular internship is framed and the main reasons that led me to opt for an experience abroad are mentioned.

Next, the presentation of the Picmedia studio begins, addressing the objectives, initial expectations and motivations.

In the final phase, some considerations are made about the knowledge and skills acquired during this training period, both in practical and theoretical aspects.

Secondly, the context in which the personal project is inserted is discussed, what it consists of, what areas of interest and relevant themes are. The development of the work is then monitored until the final stage of production.

NOTE: In the images bellow you only see the first pages of the thesis.


"Creativity, teamwork, critical spirit and innovation."

Beatriz Silva,

Studied with me at ESAD, Porto

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