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Web: Whisbi

The challenge:

Redesign and migrate the Whisbi website from Keystone to a more friendly CMS like Wordpress. The main goal is to make the web content creation, edition and deletion easier. Once this goal was accomplished, the next phases consisted of refreshing the Whisbi image, add some new pages, improve blog UI and add some animations to the elements of the website.

My Role:

As a Design Lead at Whisbi, I have always played a key role in overseeing and maintaining brand consistency across all brand communications and platforms. In this project I was in charge of the website project migration to Wordpress as well as its maintenance.

Primary Goals:

· Reduce Bounce Rate;
· Increase online Leads;
· Create brand awareness;
· Increase AVG session time;
· Improve Google ranking;
· Improve UX experience;
· Make UI experience more appealing;

Secondary Goals:

· Moving more friendly CMS platform - Wordpress;
· Moving from HTTP to HTTPS;
· Moving to a faster and better server;

Project Owners:

UI & Web Design: Marta Teixeira
Website copy:
Developer: Jordi A. Sintes from Insideers
Developer: Ann Shostak from Web Design Sun


The choice of working with a module-based Wordpress design system to structure our web pages seemed obvious as it allows the site editors and administrators to quickly and easy create new pages utilising reusable modules that are simply interchangeable.

Using this modular design system approach enabled us to easily maintain brand consistency across all web pages while gaining scalability (due to the endless module combination and easy customization system).

We have chosen to develop the new Wordpress site using Advanced Custom Fields. This technology allowed us to create the web by blocks where the images and the texts are easy to change and without risk of breaking the design of the website. It was essential to generate a clean and scalable code. That is the reason why we did not use third-party templates, and why the code was created from scratch except for some plugins that we consider essential for the web (SEO, multilanguage, ...).

Design Highlights:
· The sticky design menu enhances the user experience by by keeping users well-oriented and ensuring a smooth journey through long content pages in a manageable way.
· Large, eye-catching images that instantly draw the user's attention upon landing on a website are the focal point of the inspirational header module. The website is consistent throughout thanks to the usage of dark-toned photos and smooth gradients, and visitors will have a consistent browsing experience according to the website's minimalism.
· Logos from customers, which we considered implementing to increase user confidence in the website, are placed to stand out naturally and gracefully by the smooth and well-organized style of this part.
· By strategically placing website testimonials on our homepage, we are once again increasing our brands trust. In this sections design we have decided to combine text, visuals (such as brand logos and client photos) and gradients to call for attention. The smooth animations make this section more appealing to the visitor.
· A strong statement that gives a particular area of a website extra texture, depth, and excitement is a gradient call-to-action module.
· Auto-advancing carousels allow the editor to highlight and provide additional content within a specific topic without taking too much vertical space from the webpage.

The end product is composed of versatile branded components that are utilized throughout the site.


"Creativity, teamwork, critical spirit and innovation."

Beatriz Silva,

Studied with me at ESAD, Porto

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